We’re back.

And it feels great.


Laundry? For a week now, I’ve only had one laundry basket of dirty clothes going. Which is awesome, because usually there is one in the basement for the bigs, one in our room and one in the hallway. But nope, not anymore. We’ve found our groove at the Prasil home again, and the laundry is under control.


And our carpet now always has vacuum lines. Love vacuum lines.


And our kitchen (while blurry) is clean. Really super clean. Like, got out the swiffer jet clean. The kids could eat off the floor (and do).

Which is great, because it was clean just in time to make dinner.



Yeah, real dinner. Not the kind where you call someone and it magically appears on your doorstep. No, this was real dinner. It took over an hour to make and any dinner that takes that long is real. And I know, showing just a picture of lasagna noodles and basil/parsley is odd. But I forgot to take pictures of everything else. But believe me when I tell you that the Pioneer Woman’s lasagna is delicious. It weighs probably 10lbs when it’s all put together and bubbles up so nicely…and with garlic bread….mmmm.

So while Danny was at a couple meetings last night, the kids and I made lasagna, I sent them outside to play, they ate on the deck, we cleaned up, and we still had time for some snuggles:


Oh, Charlotte, welcome to the Prasil’s.


Much better.

Oh and on an exciting, happy, better get my you-know-what in gear note….TOMORROW is Alice’s Olivia party. Eeeek! Change in food plans. It will now be featuring Fazzari’s pizza instead of mama spending all afternoon making apps and sandwiches. I kinda forgot that I have 4 kids and have to do pick up/drop off/naps/lunch/nurse/clean….oops. Sometimes I get too excited when I plan parties and forget about life. Which, I think, helps keep me sane. But anyway, we’ll have pizza and chips/dip and yummy punch….and it will be so fun!  So stay tuned.


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