It’s about that time again…

…for someone to be sick at our house.

And poor baby Alice is sick.

She was up all night long last night, crying and crying and crying.  It was horrible — so sad.  But there wasn’t much we could do because we didn’t want her coming into our bed because of Charlotte (who worms her way in and could easily be rolled onto by Alice).  But finally, we kicked Charlotte out of our bed and brought Alice in.

Oooh, it was sad.  She would wake up every 5 minutes or so and just moan or cry.  She wanted one of us to cuddle her (read: hold her) 100% of the time, which got very sweaty and left me with fallen-asleep arms.  But that’s okay, because it meant she slept some.

And this morning….ugh.  She cried and cried some more.  It just hasn’t really stopped.  Which is hard for Mama who also has a newborn who likes to be held all the time and fed quite often, too.  There was a lot of crying going on this morning.

And after Alice woke up from her 3rd nap of the morning, I looked in her ear….and it was draining gunk.  So gross.  And also, probably, the culprit of what was making my baby sick.  Luckily, we had a prescription that we had gotten when she had a cough.  She ended up not needing the antibiotic, but we kept it just in case.  Let’s hope it works.


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