She is perfect.

And it makes me sad (so, so, so sad) to think that this is my last newborn.  Every mama will agree with me.  Even if you know you don’t want more children.  Even if you could not imagine ever being pregnant again.  Even if the thought of 5 children makes you reach for a bottle of valium…it is sad knowing this is the last tiny newborn that will be yours.

My babies are the best.  They were all great sleepers.  They all nursed really well.  And they all were (and still are) so beautiful.  The tiny clothes are too cute to think about putting away (even though the size NB are a week away from being too short and too snug for Charlotte) so I’ll leave them out a little longer.  I’ll probably even keep packing one in my diaper bag, just to fool myself into thinking she’s still an itty bitty tiny little thing.

But I know that my friends will have babies I can love on.  And I know that I am beyond lucky to have 4 beautiful, healthy children.

And until my baby is squirmy and loud and not-so-newborn…I’ll breath in every bit of newborn-ness that I can.

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