Week 1

The first week with Charlotte here has been wonderful. She is a really great baby. She is calm and only cries when she is hungry. She is nursing like a champ and is sleeping pretty well at night, too (we’ve had a couple hard nights, but overall, Danny and I are getting enough sleep!)

As for mama, I am doing great, too. Recovery has been so easy. My cramping (from Charlotte nursing) was almost nonexistent the day we came home from the hospital. I’m not too tired, either. My milk came in and while I am engorged a lot and it does hurt a bit, I haven’t shed a tear from it like I did with Maria and Jamie…man, that hurt.

We are all doing great. The kids love her to pieces, but don’t hang all over her (thank goodness). Alice just calls her “baby” and the big kids help out so much.

We all feel so lucky!










And now, with only 1.5 weeks left, I have a pretty big party to plan.

YES! Olivia party is coming up, and I’m so excited to plan it and get everything all ready for Miss Alice.


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