Mother’s Day, and a bit about mine.

Today is Mother’s Day and as I’m looking at Miss Charlotte squirming right here in front of me, I know I am lucky.  Not just lucky…but I don’t think there is a word to describe how I feel about my babies.  They are wonderful.  They are the best things in the entire world.  And I think they are the only things I will every be mushy and sappy and overly emotional about.  I just love them.

But I’m also lucky that I have a mom who feels the same way about my brothers and me.  I heard “I love you” over and over and over again growing up.  I got a million and 1/2 hugs and kisses and I’m pretty sure I sat on my mom’s lap until I got too big…but snuck a few in there afterwards, too.

I’m turning into my mom, but I dont’ care even a little bit.  I find myself cringing when I hear “butt” or “fart” on tv and hoping my kids dont’ hear it because those are most definitely not appropriate words in our house.  I find myself explaining to my kids that some kids have 2 moms, or 2 dads, or a mom and a dad….and all of those are acceptable and okay, and completely, 100%  a family (my mom taught me to accept and love no matter what).  I find myself calling my kids sweetie and honey and baby…when that’s not really my personality.  But it feels perfect to say.

My mom is the best.  She takes care of me.  She knows what stresses me out, what makes me sad, what makes me mad, and when I need help with anything, she knows when to offer without me having to ask (I hate asking).  Yep, I am that kid who calls my mom 5 times a day, even though I see her everyday anyway.  My kids ask to see Lala every day and when they can’t, there are tears.  I do my very, very hardest not to ask my parents to watch my kids and babysit when I have things to do (because that is not their job!) but when I am in a pickle, she would do it in a heartbeat.  She’d do it if I wasn’t in a pickle, too.

She tells me I’m doing a great job being a mom.  Which I need to hear because sometimes, it’s hard.  LOTS of times, it’s hard to be a mom.  And I know her job is harder than mine — I can’t imagine being a mom and a grandma (lala).  But she makes it look easy.

So even though I’m not a sappy person.  Even though I never say, “I love you,” to anyone except my kids and Danny.  Even though I don’t hug or kiss.  Even though I am the most awkward person in emotional situations and I can only put my sappy feelings in writing….I mean it.  Thank you, mom, for being the best!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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