The Blog Post We’ve All Been Waiting For…

….she’s here.

She really is, too.  And she is beyond perfect.

Charlotte Clayton was born May 3rd at 5:31 am.

She weighed a whopping 8 lbs 9.5 oz and was 20.5 inches long.

She has TONS of black hair and is just the cutest thing ever.  Well, see for yourself:




And here is the birth story:

All day Monday I was having contractions.  They started quite early, around 6:00am but were very irregular.  I’d have one that lasted 20 seconds, then 10 minutes later I’d have one that hurt and lasted 1 minute.  Then 20 minutes later, another that didn’t hurt.  That went on all day — Cenone, Alice, Jamie and I went for a walk because I wanted to really try and get things moving along.

After the walk, I kinda just paced the house…I knew I was in labor, but wasn’t sure if it was SUPER early labor (the kind that can last a couple days) or if it was the day.  By the time Danny got home at 3:30, I decided I was going to go in to get checked.  After all, the worst thing that could happen would be if they had sent me home.  And that has happened in each of my other pregnancies.

Patrick came to watch the kids and I changed into jeans and a tank top and away Danny and I went to the hospital.  We got there around 4:00pm.  The nurse, Ashley, checked to see how dilated I was and as it turns out, I was at a 3 (2 cm difference from just 4 days earlier).  She told us to walk around a bit and to come back in an hour to see if I had made progress.

We probably walked about 3 miles….2 of them being on the stairs.  After an hour I got rechecked and I had made another cm progress.  She called my doctor and begged on my behalf to keep me and break my water.  I love my doctor.  She kept me.  So we called my mom and my friends Cenone and Hailey who were going to be in the room while I had Charlotte to let them know what was going on.  I changed into a gown and went and walked around a bit more.  Over the next few hours, my contractions got much worse while we were walking, but once I got in bed to get monitored, they slowed down considerably.  Luckily I was already admitted and had already started antibiotics because I’m wondering if maybe they would have sent me home!  But no, they didn’t, and at around….10?  11?  I can’t remember really… doctor came in and broke my water.  I expected things to really pick up then, but it took a while!

When I was about 5 cm or so, I got an epidural.  Funny story.  Cenone has this little camera that is a lot of fun.  it takes a picture every 5 seconds or so, so when they are all put together, it’s kinda like a choppy video with no sound that you can set to music.  We thought it would be really fun to have it in the room while I delivered, so it was all set up on top of the phone.  Not hidden at all, just at a good height to get a good pic of the whole room.  During the administering of the epidural, no one is allowed in the room except the nurse, patient and anesthesiologist.  I honestly didn’t think anything of the camera, because it had been set up all night taking photos….and it was doing this during the epidural too!  The nurse was NOT happy when she figured it out.  But its’ not like we were trying to pull one over on her or anything, or try and catch something they were doing wrong…but those pics had to be deleted.  Not a big deal really because you couldn’t even tell what was going on and there was no sound, so whatev.

Anyway, the epidural got put in (twice, because the first time the ‘spot’ couldn’t be found…ouch) and I was pain free.  Hours went by.  It went from May 2nd to May 3rd.  And it started getting light out.  At about 5:20am I started to feel quite a bit of pain (which I shouldn’t have felt because I had the epidural going!) so I got the nurse.  She decided we probably should just kick up the epidural a bit.  I told her, no, I still feel a TON of pain and it’s WAY down there.  So she decided maybe she’d check me (it had been over 2 hours since I had last been checked and I told them I go pretty quickly).  Yep, I was fully dilated and she said, “Don’t push.”

So I didn’t.

They got everything set up for delivery, my doctor arrived, and she very calmly said, “Okay, let’s push.”

I pushed twice.  Once to push the head out and once to push the shoulders and body out.  It literally lasted a minute and 1/2.  It was SO quick and SO easy and SO wonderful.  At 5:31 am, Charlotte Clayton was born.

My recovery so far has been great.  I feel wonderful, but tired.  No stitches, very little bleeding, and with a few naps I think I’ll be feeling 100% very soon.


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