And We’re Here

It’s true.  Here we are, the 6 of us, at the hospital, awaiting Miss Charlotte’s arrival.

Wait.  Make that 5.

Yes, it’s taking forever, so we lost one.  Or 2.  (Actually 3 if you count Andy’s quick visit).

I came in at 4pm after having contractions ALL DAY LONG.  I knew they weren’t just the fake ones I’ve been having.  Pat came and watched the kids, Danny came home, and off we went.  I’m always nervous and embarrassed to tell people we are heading to the hospital because I usually get sent home at least once per pregnancy.  So we pretty much told no one.

I was 3 cm when I arrived and 11 hours later, I’m at a 6.  3cm.  My doctor broke my water, I got an epidural, and it seems as though the epidural has slowed things down a bit.  She’s going to check me here in about 5 minutes and probably start pitocen which I will gladly accept.  I’m ready to see my baby.

And so is the audience here in our delivery room.  Because they aren’t leaving….

…I kid.  I’m glad they are all here.  But have fun at work tomorrow!


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