Baby Update

She’s here!!

Here in my belly.  Still.  I’m gonna lose it.  I was SURE that I had progressed from last week (which was 1 generous cm, 60% effaced).  When she checked me…nope.  I was the same.  It was really hard not to cry.  Last time, with Alice, when I cried she prescribed me valium.  Ha, I kinda laugh about it now when I think of it.  I must have sounded like a desperate, crazy girl.

She did strip my membranes (tmi?) so I hope that works some…

I’m trying really hard to just keep a good attitude about it.  But try telling a 9+ months pregnant woman that “she’ll be here before you know it,” and, “You’re almost there, she won’t stay in there forever.”  I know all this.  I know it’s a matter of days, but I hurt.  She moves constantly and my ribs suffer from it.  I pee every 10 minutes.  My sciatic nerve hits several times a day and it’s painful.  Lugging Alice around for all the drop off/pick ups of the kids is getting harder and harder with a giant belly.  Oh, and I’m sleeping zip.  Nada.  I’m exhausted every single day and I just wanna have this baby.

But I’m almost there.

She won’t stay in there forever.


My BP: 110/70

Baby’s HR: 136

Weight: I lost 1 lb (total weight gain: 5lbs)

Dilation: 1+ cm

Effacement: 60%

Let’s hope this castor oil works. (and yes, I’m very serious).


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