38 weeks and about ready to POP.

I know you all have been just on the edges of your seats waiting for my 38 week baby update.

And it’s actually my 38 week, 1 day baby update.  But really, who keeps that close of track?  I do.  I definitely do.

So here it is:

BP: 110/65

Baby’s Heart Rate: 145 ish

Baby is head down (thank God)

She estimated (BIG estimate…she was very wrong with Alice) that Charlotte weighs just under 7 lbs.  Perfect.

Weight: I lost 2 lbs (total weight gain: 6 lbs)

Dilation: GENEROUS 1 cm (that is +1 cm from last week)

Effacement: 60% (that is from “very thick”…which I’m going to call 0%…last week)

As I get closer to having her, there are lots more things to share.  Lots of things that you probably don’t really care about, but it’s more for me anyway.  Whatev.

And here I am at exactly 38 weeks:

Yep, that’s me standing on our bath.  And yes, I definitely bent one leg a little bit (I’ve heard that might be more flattering….and at 9 months pregnant, I think it’s funny I said that).

My belly is HUGE.  Like…..GIGANTIC!!  Love it.  (sometimes.  Like when I’m feeling awesome and wear a cute shirt and have no muffin top…I like that.)

Cross your fingers that my next baby update is:  SHE’S HERE!!


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