No baby…but adorable cookies.

There are very few things in life that butter and vanilla and powdered sugar can’t fix.  And if they can’t fix them…they at least make them better.



Example:  Waiting for a baby.  I’m still pregnant.  A week ago, I was totally fine with still being pregnant.  News flash: I’m not anymore.  I have thought I was in labor twice.  The first being very late nights ago when my contractions were maybe 6-7 minutes apart and lasted 2 hours.  Then stopped.

The second was last night when I woke up with horrible cramps and contractions.  Those didn’t last too long.

So anyway, I needed a pick-me-up.


How cute are those?  My cookies weren’t big enough to use a stick in them, but turned out just as cute.

While Jamie was at school and Alice was watching Noggin (and yes, so embarrassing that my 2 year old can ‘sing’ the theme song to 4 different shows) I whipped up some dough.  Butter, sugar, flour and vanilla.  Literally that’s all it was.


Oh, and food coloring.



I’m horrible at rolling out dough and then doing this fancy trick to make it like a lollipop…so I ended up accidently wasting, like, 1/2 my dough.


But there were plenty of cute little cookies.


After they were cooled, I put them in little treat bags….


…and, obviously, tied them up with cute ribbon.pompomcookies-18

And what exactly would cute hospital favor cookies be without a white, tissue-paper lined basket?


They’d just be boring cookies.  Luckily, the Prasil’s aren’t boring.


So this may sound like a bribe and a beg, but if you come and see miss Charlotte at the hospital, you will get an adorable and delicious cookie.


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