Kidney Stones?

This last weekend was something else.  It actually started on Thursday when my back started hurting.  It started out as just kinda a dull ache and I thought it might just be VERY early labor — ya know how your back might start aching days or even a week before you have a baby? (Lots of you probably don’t…but it does).

So I thought that’s what it was.  But then I felt it.

Anyone who has ever had a kidney stone knows what “it” is.  “It” feels like a horrible pain in your lower back, on one side, and up a little bit.  You know the area exactly and when you feel that pain, you just know what it is.  But I kept hoping it wasn’t.

So it hurt pretty badly, but not excruciating.

Then Friday came.  By Friday night, I was in tears.  It hurt.  A lot.  Not as bad as my kidney stones with Alice, but that was ridiculous.  This just hurt really  bad and I knew I needed something for it.  I called Labor and Delivery and they told me I needed to come in and get checked out in case it was an infection.

LUCKILY it wasn’t.  My urine dipped clean…no signs of infection.  So they figured for sure I had a stone in there, but didn’t feel like they needed to send me for an ultrasound (Alice’s kidney stones didn’t even show up on an u/s but I sure passed it a few days later!).  So they monitored me and Charlotte for a while.

That was exciting.

First, my heartrate was pretty high.  Obviously because I was in pain.  The nurse wasn’t worried an neither was I.  But she did get worried when my blood pressure dropped crazy-low.  In fact, I got an oxygen mask stuck to my face and they broke something in front of my nose and made me breathe it in to “wake me up.”  Ammonia?  Yes.  Like I said, exciting.  And all of that freaked Charlotte out a little bit, so I stayed for just a while to be monitored.  Not too long at all.  And then I was given some pain stuff and sent home.

Today, all is fine.  Great, even.  No kidney pain (wondering if I passed it without knowing?) and my back just hurts like any other 9 month pregnant woman’s back might hurt.  I am having contractions here and there, but nothing serious.

I scheduled a pedicure for tomorrow — and if she doesn’t put me into labor with some serious foot rubbing (ya know there are spots to rub to induce labor) I might demand my money back.  Or just be really disappointed.  Either way, I’ll have cute toes.

So anyway cross your fingers that Lottie will come soon.  If she doesn’t come tomorrow, then I’d like to wait until next Monday (I don’t trust Danny to be completely in charge of being the Easter Bunny.  SOrry, Danny.).

T minus 16 days until my due date.  Not long at all.


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