Getting ready for Charlotte: Part 2,044

I’ll be the first to admit that I am very, very particular and go overboard and worry and stress about things that probably don’t matter to most people.

I know that for many people who have kids and are planning for when a new baby arrives, they ask someone to be ready to come and watch their other kids for them when the time comes.  Well, duh, I have done that too.

But I think that lots of those people don’t write up something like this:


Yes. It’s an owner’s manual for my older 3 children.


And yes, if you can read that, you totally read that right: for each day, each child has exactly what they will be wearing written out and described. And I’m not just talking “blue shirt.” It’s more like, “Blue GAP shirt with capri GREEN DOG khakis.”


Each day of the week is written out and divided according to what the kids do at what time, starting at 7:00am (get up) and ending at 3:00pm (pick up Ria). In between is every drop off, snack, meal, pick up, location (carefully described), and any other tiny activity, including what channels are appropriate to watch at what times and how long the kids get for baths.

Really….it’s pretty ridiculous. It took me 2 hours to write out because our computer printer is broken, so I couldn’t type it. And then I put them in sheet protectors. Yes, sheet protectors (everything looks so clean and official in sheet protectors). And there are 2 bonus pages (yep, totally called them bonus pages) full of where the sitter can find toothbrushes, cups, plates, bowls and snacks. Because, ya know, sometimes the thought of someone just going through random bathroom and kitchen drawers and cupboards makes me want to have an anxiety attack.

Anyway, whoever is watching the kids for me when I have our tiniest…’re welcome.

Oh, yeah, and thank you.


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for Charlotte: Part 2,044

  1. ruthie1985 Post author

    Well we figured you’d probably want to come and see the baby when she is born! Our babysitter Kara is all set to come, so you’ll be free to see Charlotte right after she’s born 🙂


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