Being Perfect is Hard [which is why we aren’t…and sometimes eat horribly]

There are a few times each week when I feel really proud of myself.

(1) when all the laundry is done and put away

(2) when the basement is picked up and clean

(3) when I have planned ahead and decide to cook a really yummy meal…not just something I’ve thrown together.

Well all those things happened this week [score].

Danny likes meat.  I don’t.  If I were a one-person family, there would never be meat in the fridge.  But since he likes it and there are 3 tiny people who also love meat in my family, I decided that this week, I’d cook some.

Not only would I cook some meat…I’d marinate it first.

Cenone gave me a bunch of yummy stuff for Christmas and one thing in there was “grill honey.”  I was going to wait until the summertime to use it (because doesn’t ‘grill honey’ just scream, “Summer BBQ?!”) but decided to bust it out.  I marinated the steak in the grill honey, soy sauce, worshtishire sauce, olive oil and some spices, let it sit in that for a bit, then grilled it up.  Well, Danny grilled it up because I would have screwed it up if I had been in charge.


Then I boiled some potatoes and mashed them up.


I enjoy Albertson’s selection of bread…so I chose the rosemary kind.


And with a little Amish butter (Dan buys it at Northwest Specialty Meats.  He loves it), it turns into delciousness.



I mashed the potatoes with some milk, butter, Lawry’s seasoning salt and steak seasoning.  Mmmm it was really delicious.


And the kids loved it.




I’m not sure if Danny liked it…


….oh wait.  Yes.  Yes he did.


So naturally, I was really proud of myself.  At 37+ weeks pregnant, I hauled the kids to Albertson’s, got groceries I knew Danny would love, and cooked dinner.

And then 2 days later….



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